About Us
Corporate Profile

AlRawabiGroup is a billion Riyals organization, focused on using state of the art facilities to deliver business solutions that enhance customer experience. Our business model is woven by innovations, technology and user experience.

Being active for over 33 years, we also give equal preference to all customers either be it be a resident or an expat. We are a group that dwells on being global leaders in any forms of businesses that we take up. We thrive to offer world class services to our clientele through our excellent performance and team partnership. We deliver the best anywhere, any time.

Pillers of growth

Al Rawabi Group’s Mark is built on 6 pillars.

Embrace Innovation: Advanced products and solutions backed by outstanding service to the community.

Integrity: To compete with trust, innovation and value, not simply on price.

Personalization: To having employees with a sense of urgency dedicated to providing consis tent and professional solutions to customer needs.

Comity: To invest in the continued development of our employees’ skills and knowledge.

People Centric: To provide an environment in which employees have the opportunity to do great things, as well as making a career that is dependable.

Corporate Citizenship: To recognize and accept the responsibility of being an involved corporate citizen in the community.


our business verticals

As per the core body of the ALRawabiGroup, the Board of Business Management is bound to deliver the interests of the whole organization and attain a consistent improvement in corporate value Under a decisive chairman and determinative managing director, board of directors leader ship the future looks extra prolific. Everything that is rightly backed by an able team of management professionals from different treks. The Board of Management continuously redefines our corporate strategy, budget allocations and allocation of all corporate entities on time and other information on all leads relating to business planning, progression and risk valuation

Our History

ALRawabi started its operations in Qatar nearly 30 years back. ALRawabi has been into Retail, Food Distribution, Restaurant Chains making us a proud leader in Qatar’s Fast-Moving Consumer goods service sector. We are grateful to our customers who have approached and walked with us on this multitude years of the journey, helping us to be their snap solution for all needs. Budget prices, performance paced teams of service delivery and openness for revisions in business model have propelled us this far in business. And the walk has never been differentiated between a citizen or be it an expat resident.

Message from chairman

“Our success is founded on the absolute commitment of our people, thereof nothing precedes them for us.”

When Al Rawabi Group started off its journey in 1985, our individuals were able to find the values and propositions from an early stage itself. That character had taken us forward steps, and made the company capitalize in our business

Forward thinking and pioneering operations are our reservoir of impact; ones on which the group has been time-honored. The basic principle governing the work of Al Rawabi Group is the “strength through diversity, which is the common denominator to consistently upholding the promises to our customers, partners and team.

Over 33 years of unprecedented expansion, today we take the heed of our painstaking efforts. From a modest beginning the group has accorded with the pace of the then and now growing Qatar. A well deserved spot among Qatar’s largest conglomerates.

Yet we stand unmoving from our ambitious future projects; entering International markets with the same reputation that the Al Rawabi Group have earned with its characteristic accessions. Providing quality and fidelity that the Group has been described in Qatar for

We respect and value the importance of our relationships and employees, clients, suppliers, and partners. Our clients count on our dependability, our drive and our integrity

Corporate Philosophy

ALRawab takes pride in pursuing an inspired work environment with quickly adaptable, attractable work culture, offer training and development for retaining the best operations talent. As part of the journey of over three decades, ALRawabi open heartedly proclaims that the work force has been built on the values of trust and mutual respect for all. Together, we also offer competitive growth plans for each one of our employees that today remains unparalleled than any other organizations that given as part of stupendous career path. With our constant encouragement, we also expect a lot from our task force for moving into diversified roles wherever they are allocated. Constant mentoring and reskilling are a key factor that movesus together.

vision and mission
quality policy

We are very fair and remain socially committed at all times. We are always open to reviews and remodeling of operations and policies as required for customer needs. Our customers will never be short of service denial. We continuously thrive to excel in all our working standards.

Our Vision Social Responsibility, Fairness, Adaptivity and commitment are our key pillars of our vision

Our Mission is to excel in our operations sector with combined efforts using manpower technology and customer focused business model